Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jasper, Alberta - Icefields TransCanadian Glacier Parkway

The Trans-Canadian Glacial Icefields Parkway that leads to Jasper, Alberta backwoods campgrounds.

On June 3rd I started on the 214 mile Glacier Ice Field Parkway drive to the backwoods of Jasper, Alberta. I noticed the 41 degree temperature was dropping to 38 then to 36 degrees as I drove up the mountain.

 Icey Glacier Lake along the Icefield Highway. This scene looks very much like January not June.
Notice the clouds are low. The roads are not icey but there is ice all around the highway.

Ice fields Falls

Whistler's backwoods campground Jasper, Alberta, Canada
This campsite is only a few miles West from Ketchikan, Alaska.
At sunset on first night of camping there was an animal that ran by my window at about 40 mph.
At the Parks Check-in I was warned of Grizzly bears that come out at night.
The animal was an Elk calf and it's mother running from a predator in the woods .
The next morning while walking to the shower facilities I was greeted by the mother Elk, the calf .

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