Sunday, June 2, 2013

Glacier National Park - St Mary's, Montana

Glacier National Park has spectacular views that will take your breath away.  So will the thousand foot drop offs where Logan's pass traverses the park from East to West.

Glacier National Park has the St Mary's River, the St Mary's Falls and is located in the town of St Mary.
So, why is everything named after St Mary?

Father DeSmet, a Catholic priest, was caught in a heavy snow storm coming off the Divide on the Old Beaverslide trail. When the stormed cleared, the first thing he saw was the face of St Mary. Today many people use the face of St Mary as a landmark to help guide them safely off the mountain.
The face of St Mary appears in the rocks of Single Shot Mountain.

The road into Glacier National Park is called Going-To-The-Sun Road because of the height of the road.
I camped at the Rising Sun campsite, a primitive campsite meaning no water or electric to hook up to and back in the woods with all the wildlife.

The view I had in the morning from my campsite at Rising Sun CG. The rising moon is in the sky.

In the morning a resident black bear met me on the trail. The Park Ranger told me the Rising Sun CG is on the bear walk path to the lake and creek below. I decided to find some other campers to share the bears with and moved to an area with electric and water.

This became a regular occurrence with me in the RV and the bears walking very close.

Glacier National Park.

The St Mary's River.

The St Mary's river as it runs to the town .

Falls in Glacier National Park.

Rapids downstream from the falls

 Mountain Sheep far off on top of the mountain.

Mountain sheep has noticed that I have stopped on side of the road. 

 Sheep is closer but not sure if it is safe to come closer.

The are sheep are so friendly I believe if I opened my door to feed it, it would be in the RV.

This blog is under construction until I can find a strong WiFi signal to complete the job. Moving to Jasper Alberta, Canada tomorrow maybe I can find better WiFi.

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