Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Step back in time to Europe in the 17th century by visiting Old Quebec.

North America's premier city is an architectural treasure and a monument to European colonial history in the New World.
Old Quebec is a bit of old Europe on American soil with it's ramparts, gates and other fortifications the surround the city. Quebec has played a vital role in the colonial wars for control of the Americas.Without the help of the French, George Washington would not have had the financial where with all and man power to defeat the British.

The legendary French explorer Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec early in the 17th century. Quebec is perched on the cliffs over looking the Saint Lawrence ( Saint Laurent) river with views of the countryside for many miles below.

The city was the capital of New France until 1760, when it became the new British colony before becoming part of independent Canada.

 Chateau Frontenac

Boardwalk overlooking the Saint Laurent river

Accessible by steep stairs or by funicular.
Old Quebec's lower town, Basse-Ville sprung up
around the cities harbor and along the cliffs .

Ile d Orleans

"Le Belle Province"
The island has long been inhabited by the indigenous tribes,
the Huron people called the island Minigo meaning
enchantress because of the island's ability to charm those that live there.
The French explorer Jacques Cartier first set foot on the island in 1535
near the present day village of Saint Francois. Where I camped.
He called the island Ile de Bascuz because of the abundance of wild grapes.

GPS location of camp site at Saint Francois area on Ile d Orleans

Early each morning I would walk down to Saint Lawrence river
and stare at the sun rise and be enchanted by Ile d Orlean's
beauty. Filled with this immense scenery, how can anyone
not become grateful for the life God has given us,
and know with certainty that it is up to us to put life in ours years.

Notre Dame Bascilaque  as seen from Ile d Orleans

Bridge to cross from Quebec City to the Ile d Orleans

Family names from many years can be found in the cemetery.

Grapes still in abundance 400+ years after Jacques Cartier
first set eyes on the wild grape vines.

Pommes trees - apple trees

Montmorency Falls as seen from the island.
These falls are higher than Niagara Falls
Quebec people call a falls a chute

Pastoral chemin or path where rode bike to see countryside

Agricultural paradise

Dairy cows support the cheese production on Ile d Orleans
French word for cheese is "fromage"
Place where cheese is made is a "Fromagerie"

I ate some wonderful local cheese at a dairy & cheese farm.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park. Drove into Yellowstone from North entrance. Had spent the night before in Bozeman, Montana. Went through the Roosevelt Arch on North entrance.

Old Faithful
Waited an hour to see the 150 ft to 180ft geyser. Good thing there was ice cream to eat while waiting.

Camped for two nights at Canyon Village on edge of caldera with rim of grand canyon about 1,000 ft walk.

Hayden Valley in middle of Yellowstone was were most animals could be seen.
 Elk, Moose and deer were seen daily.
I have been told there are 5,000 buffalo in Yellowstone N.P.
Buffalo could be seen "dusting" themselves in a dry powdery pit to clean there backs. 

Elk were common in Hayden Valley.
People would gather around and sometimes get too close. 
People could be seen being stomped on or knocked over by a swing of the antlers.
There are medic clinics in each village of campgrounds and cabins were people stayed.

Geothermal steam and flowing boiling water would flow from the hillside constantly.

Hundreds of people would be waiting for Old Faithful geyser to blow.

Mud Pots are bubbling

Other Mud Pots are called Painters Pots since the mud was watery like paint.
 Sulfur Geyser - smelly fumes burn nose and lungs while standing nearby.


Yellowstone River
There would be men in hip and chest waders in the river fly fishing.

Rocky boulder bottoms of river made the water churn a white foam as flows down hill.

Lower Water Falls are the largest of six water falls in Yellowstone N.P.

  I enjoyed getting up early watching bison leaving the forest cross the Yellowstone river to the prairie grass. You could see the young bison kick up there heels in excitement to be go to eat in the morning.
In the evening the bison would run off the prairie down to the river to get settled for the night in forest.

Buffalo would cross the road at 7 pm to go back to forest on other side of Yellowstone river. 
Five hundred buffalo ford the river some with head under water blowing water into air
 trying to catch their breath was very interesting.

Some buffalo would stand or lay on the hot ground near thermal geysers.

Need to cross the Continental Divide to drive the 35 miles South on Hwy 89 to Grand Tetons to stay at Grant Village Campgrounds.

Tetons Cathedral Mountains

The Pinnacles from highway 89.

Reflection of Tetons along Jackson lake.

Grand Tetons with snow.  Evening were a welcome cool 46 degrees at night.

South of Grand Tetons close to Dubois were I stayed at a house for the first time in 10 weeks.
Dr Stewart and his wife Judy were nice enough to put me up for two days.

 Momma moose and baby moose on the Stewart property when I first arrived from Grand Tetons.

Prong horn antelope on Stewart property, Warm Spring Mountain near Dubois,Wyoming.
100 miles South of  Grant Village campgrounds in Grand Tetons.

Mule deer on Warm Spring mountain at 8,700 ft on Stewart property.

Pinnacles of  mountains along Hwy 89 South of Grand Tetons.

Next drive to Cheyenne, Wyoming on way East to Nebraska to spend another night in a house.