Sunday, June 2, 2013

Great Falls, Montana - Lewis and Clark Trail

Great Falls, Montana was to be a place to rest up for a while from the long trek from coastal Carolina.

 First I stopped for some free coffee at a Rest Stop along the highway just Southeast of Great Falls. The guy working at the Rest Stop was a Good Sam camper himself and from the area. He told me of the Lewis and Clark Interpretative Center and the Giant Spring nearby where huge trout could be found in a circular flow of fresh underground water bubbling up. This made me curious, no rest for the weary.

One thing lead to another I had found the great falls that Great Falls is named after.

 It was a beautiful day for a walk along the Missouri River.  There I saw a group of boys catching trout from the spring creek coming off the Missouri River and they couldn't get the hook out of the fishes mouth. Who better to ask but a dentist with time on his hands. Dentist to the rescue, fish was saved, boys were happy. Time now to wash my fishy hands.

 This is a smaller falls along the Missouri River.

 This is the fresh water Giant Spring that the boys were catching the trout.

 Water from the Giant Spring form a rapids as the water flows into the Missouri River.

The migration of the Swallows from Capistrano migrate through Great Falls. Some have become residents for the Spring and Summer months.

This Blog is under construction .  WiFi is very hard to find in the mountains since satellite is only way to get WiFi, I have been at Tim Horton's Coffee shop for several mornings now and have little done for the time.

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