Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Butchart Gardens 100 years in bloom.

 Butchart Gardens. There are 55 acres of flower gardens as well as a boat house/dock on Brentwood Bay along Vancouver Island. Weather is mild year round so flowers do bloom year round.

The Butchart Gardens are located on Vancouver Island in the Brentwood Bay area. The island is not very large and although the maps of the island are enlarged to show different places of interest. I drove from each location in 10 minutes or less. After three days I noticed my gas gauge had not changed.  After Alaska where people would drive four hours to go out for ice cream this is a nice change.

A view from the top as I walk down into the Sunken Garden that is as large as five football fields.
This Sunken Garden was a large excavation pit for Mr. Butchart who had a Portland Cement business.
Mrs Butchart wanted to have a place for a flower garden so she had millions of tons of top soil brought in to grow her garden on top of what was a lime and limestone quarry. Good idea Mrs. B.

 The deep dark forest was a nice relief on a hot day. Today the high temperature will be in the 80's with a cool ocean breeze and nights are usually in lower 50's. I have been camping for two months
and this weather does not require air conditioning and humidity is low.

 With the large trees and the ferns I imagined this is what the Jurassic period looked like.

Very old trees with huge roots.  Cool and shady walkway leading to the Sunken Garden.

 Huge trees.  I wanted to stand in the shade on a very hot day.

 More stairs to the Sunken Garden.  None of the trees, bushes or flowers were here in early 1900's when this are was a limestone quarry. Thanks to Mrs. B for her love of gardens.

Sunken Garden is 1,500 foot by 1,000 ft across. This is part of the 55 acre Butchart Gardens.

The Butchart Gardens are located on Vancouver Island about 20 miles North of Victoria the capitol of British Columbia. Because Vancouver Island is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Straits of Georgia the climate is mild year round and the garden can bloom year round. Victoria is located South of the Canadian -US border and is quite close to Seattle, Washington.

Sunken Garden

 Sunken Garden

 View of the Sunken Garden from above.

 Stairs in the middle of the Sunken Garden.

 Water Lilies

 Water Lilies not by Monet.

 This is an artist painting in oil paint the garden scenery.

 The garden artist is popular today.

 Water Lilies.

 Water Lilies by Butchart Gardens.

 The many stages of the water fountain.

This is the stage of fountain I like best.

 We can only hope these Dragon Flies are not real.  Who's that eating ice cream? Busted. Run.
Happy Children playing.

 Musical Carousel

 Concert tonight at 8:30 pm.

 Totem are big on the island- don't know who that is.

 Popcorn next to the musical carousel.

Ferns are big here.

 People- don't know any of them but never could take a picture without people.

 Delphinium  with a rose on the side.

 Rose garden

Make a Wish. Wish I had a place to sit down.

 Rose garden

 Japanese water sculpture

 Events center for large group meetings.

 Japanese fish sculpture.

A view through the trees to the boat dock on Brentwood bay below.

   This is a real Dragon Fly sitting on a sprinkler head.

 Japanese garden water fall.

 Japanese garden bridge.

 Red Japanese garden bridge.

 Boat dock to see the water lilies garden on Brentwood bay.

 Butchart Cove Lookout for the family's personal use.

 This is what it looks like when I was looking up at the tree tops while laying on the sidewalk. Tired.

 Japanese garden water.

 Water Lilies

Sunken Garden from top of the stairs.

At last the gift shop. 

Later there will be pictures and story of a Scottish Castle circa 1860 located on the tallest hill in Victoria.
One morning I was at the Natural History Museum in downtown Victoria.
There are still weeks I have not been able to get the blog written for.
Today I spent a few hours in the Coeur d' Alene library in Idaho the day before I head to Bear Tooth Pass near Yellowstone National Park in Montana. I will be there tomorrow.

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